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Andrea Ocampo

TV Producer | Speaker | WEB 3 Bilingual Educator & Consultant

Andrea Ocampo is a producer/tv host/WEB3 Consultant. She's worked for the NHL, NFL, WWE, Travel Channel, and Univision. She's the founder of HBU Media, a creative consulting agency helping athletes and brands become powerhouses in their industry. She is working on launching her NFT project called Goddess of the Elements, a fantasy graphic novel told through NFTs made up of real art photography, lithographs, & VFX animation. She also producing a docuseries showing the behind the scenes of what it takes to launch such an ambitious project.

Web3 has become Andrea’s passion and is considered an authority with what she’s building. Her belief that the best way to educate and empower others is to lead by example. Most recently she has collaborated with NFTStudio 24, a media outlet based in Japan reporting on everything WEB3, Blockchain and NFT. She is the US producer of content giving updates about what to follow and what trends to look out for.

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She has shared the stage with leaders in WEB3 at NFT Miami 2022 , BITE-CON Tech & Innovation 2022, Meet Me in the Metaverse hosted by Microsoft & Inverse, Crypto Connect Expo and you can find her at the Immerse Global Summit. Her ultimate passion is helping others find their voice to make a difference in their business, life, and brand.


You can catch her on Bloomberg TV and Fox Business Network hosting/producing Earth tv show as she interviews corporate leaders, inventors, engineers, scientists, and sustainability experts highlighting the hard work being done now to tackle of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

Most recently she was named Top 20 Women in Business by Yahoo Finance as well as featured in NFT Today Magazine discussing her founding role with the Web3 project Goddess of the Elements.

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